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Group Therapy Good For Anxiety And Depression

How do you know you are a persistently anxious person? When you worry a lot? How do you know that you might have depression? When you are feeling sad? The ringleader of the anxiety and depression group benton discussion might wish to draw this out of you at some point of your group therapy. Perhaps she saw you in the first instance. Or you were referred to her. One way or another, it might have been decided that group therapy might be very good for you indeed.

How do you know that the anxiety you are experiencing is challenging you in maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing? When you are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety on a more than regular basis.

How do you know that you are really suffering from depression? When your sitting counselor or group therapist diagnoses that you are indeed suffering from a form of clinical depression.

How and when will you know that there is a cure for your condition? How and when are you feeling better? Speaking subjectively, of course, in the latter case, this you may well know. Of course you are ‘feeling better’. You have rediscovered that smile of yours and your chest has started to swell a lot more than usual. You are bursting with pride. But it is not entirely a state of sadness you’ll be entering upon learning that there is no known cure for your clinically diagnosed depression.

anxiety and depression group benton

The feeling is this. It’s still an optimistic feeling. While there may be no cure there is control. With control comes ongoing treatment, whether through prescribed medication or group therapy. Or individualized therapy. Talking to others helps. But when you are at a loss for words, there is always listening.