4 Healthy New Year Habits for the Elderly:

4 Healthy New Year Habits for the Elderly:

With the New Year, there are many purposes that you have surely marked but we bring you one that will improve the quality of life of the elderly. What healthy habits should you adopt to improve your lifestyle? When we grow old, any small change can be a challenge, but we also guarantee that the adoption of one of these healthy habits will greatly benefit the quality of life of the elderly. head to https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org for a medicare advantage plan

To age healthy and maintain the vitality that was had with a few years less, these people should include in their daily lives healthy habits that help them boost their health and vigor every day. But why is it so important? Over the years the body begins to waver and no longer has the same resistance as before so that the elderly are more likely to suffer some kind of illness or accident.

Healthy habits in old age:

The healthy habits that elderly people should adopt are not far from the healthy habits of an adult but they do have a series of nuances that will suit them best for the time in which they are living.

1. Eat in a balanced way: Avoid sugar and saturated fats. During the old age, less energy is consumed so on average. The calories that an elderly person should consume are 2,000 kcal, about 200 less than an adult. You should consume all 5 food groups, although if the person suffers from diabetes or hypertension, their diet should be prescribed by a medical professional.

2. Quit smoking permanently: There are numerous studies that show that quitting smoking is one of the best decisions that can be made to strengthen our health, but in the case of older people, it is even more so. This is because, as we said before, the organism of a person of the third age is much weaker, so tobacco can cause serious health problems, more important if possible.

3. Do physical exercise in a moderate and routine way: Older people do have to practice sport, but in a measured way since any out of the ordinary effort can affect their health. The most advisable thing is to go out for walks quietly every day. In this way, the body will always be active and moving, but without supposing an uncontrolled effort.

4. Never stop learning: One of the most common problems in people of old age is senile dementia, so it is important that the brain also do its exercises every day so that it remains active and agile. There are numerous exercises or activities that will help your brain stay alert.