4 Advices for Traveling with Older Adults:

4 Advices for Traveling with Older Adults:

The trip may be intended to visit relatives, in particular grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Although if you want to enjoy something different and with all the amenities, a cruise is an excellent option. If they still maintain their independence, they can do it alone. Whether you decide on the first, second or other option, we share 4 tips to keep in mind:

1. Investigate and plan in advance:

Whether traveling in the company or alone, planning, booking and confirming is a task that must be done sooner rather than later. If the trip is by land transport, look for shorter routes and confirm that there are no stops during the trip.

2. Request and reserve special services:

Request the assignment of your chair in the spaces designated for disabled, request wheelchair service at no cost at each airport. If there is food service on board, inform the reservation system of any dietary needs. If the older person travels alone, be sure to recommend it to an airline official, both outside and on board the plane. If you travel with this person, you can offer to take a wheelchair and so on. Take care of yourself with a supplement plan for 2020 https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/

3. Prepare the documentation:

The passport is cataloged worldwide as the highest level of identification. If you or the older person still does not have a passport, consider issuing it with a prudent amount of time before your trip. Get a copy of the original medical formulas that show the use of medications. Prepare at least four sets of passport photocopy, driver’s license, medical assistance, airline tickets, and medical formulas. Allow the older person to carry a game in his or her carry-on bag, the other on board the baggage and the others in the hands of companions. Keep an emergency contact number in your wallet or purse, and notify them. Another alternative is to provide a cell phone with emergency contact numbers with a predetermined number of minutes.

4. Be practical when packing:

Light packaging for a person traveling with at least one limitation, it is necessary to make your light luggage. Do not send it along with the rest of the luggage in the plane’s hold. Allow them to let you carry them in the trunk of your chair. This will save you time and wear when it comes to arriving at the destination airport. Always keep these advices into the consideration, it will surely help you.